Live set at Støberiet in Copenhagen

Here is the documentation of an event in Copenhagen in the beginning of June. My set-up for this performance was a tone generator, a conversation amplifier and two Microgranny samplers. Thanks Claus Poulsen for the invitation and thanks TV Marinert for the documentation!

Upcoming publication

Working on the cover of me and my brother’s upcoming publication Tillfällen när inget speciellt egentligen har hänt. In English it will be something like Moments when nothing special has really happened.

Three releases


My latest releases Scaffolding, On the border of things and Forecast

On-site improvisation with guitar, radio, a plastic wine glass, environmental sounds and the sound of workers dismantling a scaffolding on my neighbours house.
First edition 3 ex.

On the border of things
Recorded improvisation with record player, a sound effect record, feedback and a drum.
First edition 3 ex.

Recorded improvisation with two FM radios and effect pedals.
First edition 3 ex.